Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Greenleaf Beaumont Laser Cut Dollhouse

Well, this is something I am looking forward too so much! This house was Wonderful as a die-cut dollhouse kit but I have been watching the way this house keeps evolving from the die-cut version to the ultimate laser cut dollhouse kit and I am amazed and MUST be one of the ones to own this HUGE kit (There will only be 12 for sell this month when released). They have changed the front windows by lowering it by about 3" so that it will have more eye appeal because they were not viewable because they were kinda covered by the Pediment. Another change made was that they added laser cut detailed mullions to a new double hung window design. The shutters got a new upgrade too. They now feature a new louvered design that adds an authentic appearance that has never been seen before on a Greenleaf Dollhouse. All of these changes make this THE kit to get this year for ANY miniature/dollhouse collector (Plus there are MORE, I know as if we can take it, I am in a dollhouse coma already from viewing the many snapshots Dean has sent me).

Read MORE about this kit and keep up to date with more news about it at the official Greenleaf Dollhouses Blog .

This is the Picture of the Die Cut Version!!

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