Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pullip & Taeyang Dolls I LOVE Them

Okay, I promised myself years ago to STOP collecting dolls and I have been very good. In the past 5 years I have only bought 12 dolls for myself and my collection (Have sold 2 and made a good profit from it) But I am in LOVE with the Pullip & Taeyang dolls.

I must be a hopeless addict. I broke down and bought the Alberic doll this year:

I bought the Buttler last year:

I also have Arion:

I want Clarity:
And I HAVE Chill

I think one thing that attracts me to these dolls are there BIG heads and Large eyes. These dolls are about 12" tall they can close their eyes (with your help of course). But there are so many cool ones! Are any of you dollhouse collectors AND Doll Collectors too? I had been doing so good but they have new ones coming out. I also WANT (that's a Huge want) a Dollfie doll. At this time, I would not dare spend that on a doll but I am being tempted every day by the wonderful artisans out there. I have a friend who does face ups on blank doll bodies. I am so tempted to give her my blanks to do it up but, I made a promise to have ONE hobby!

Uhhhggggg, Will I ever grow up?!! Hhmmm.... I guess I hope I don't

Really how many hobbies do you all have? Let me know a please post some pictures on your blogs and leave a link for all of us to visit and see your stuff.


Julie Kendall said...

These are wonderful and very very tempting.......looking away now and hiding my purse:O)

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Julie, I am in LOVE with your dolls!! Your Lily Munster is just Wonderful!! Thank You for viewing my blog too!!~ Tracy