Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Contest Winners Revealed

First off, We would like to say "Thank You" to all of you who participated in this years Dollhouse Appreciation Month Fall fun Contest on the Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum at We had some Great entries. The Judges have all finally determined the winners. (drum roll smile.gif ) They are as follows:

1st Place Winner:

Chris (username what2craftnow) has three wonderful 1/4th scale greenleaf houses she entered.

Her Story is for this scene is:

I don't really have a story to go with them ~ I just love the vibrant colors of Fall. It seems to me that Mother Nature pulls out all the stops and puts on the most glorious show for us before settling down to the stark contest of Winter. My houses are , of course, Greenleaf 1/4" versions of Sweet Shop and Brimble's from the "town" kit (betcha already knew that! lol) dressed up for the Autumn months (briefly, that is...they will undergo a season change right after you get these pictures...sigh) I only placed the foliage lightly for the contest, then I can do more permanent foliage afterwards, as these will be gifts. At any rate, I thought they were the perfect little places to showcase the beautiful Fall season. Hope you enjoy them!

2nd Place Winner:

Anna ( Username Anna ) has a Great fall scene in front of the Adams kit

Here story for this scene is:
So this is Jana, the childrens book illustrator who resides in Mz Chantilly, who promised to come over and help Viktor rake the leaves in his yrad while he struggled with installing the new stair rails to the top floor as the old had just withered away. Since Viktor lived out in the country side close to the sea Jana always brought all her furry friends with her, made for an interesting ride in the car to say the least. So while Jana tried collecting all those maple leaves, the little four legged ones wasn't much help, but when one of her kitties had one of those "eeek" attacks on the leaf basket, enough was enough for Jana who burst out laughing and joinig the gang in making a "leaf angle" which was most appreciated by the furry ones as well... The leaves? They aren't hurting no one and Jana has decided that she will call on Viktor to get down and help out building a leaf-man, or rather a leaf-witch, Jana has the hat and a scarf that they can wrap around it and give her a rake instead of a traditional broom. ... For me, fall is one of those wonderful seasons when the nature is really in full bloom when it comes to her dress, and raking leaves was one of the most fun and time consuming tasks while we had Trixie our little furbaby, I'd collect them in a nice heap, she would promptly get in the middle of the whole thing and "help out" in her own little way, of sniffing around looking for what might be buried underneath them all, which meant it took another round or two until we did get them packed into the compost... I am going to use the fall leaf scene on a tray as a centerpiece on the table this year, so thank you so much for the kick in the you-know-what to get thinking!!! ~ Anna

3rd Place Winner:

Monica ( Username Monica_The_Haunted ) Used the Greenleaf Annie's Lobster Shack for this creation

Her Story for her scene is:

I decided to make Doreen Valiente's Crypt. She is the the co-founder of Wicca whom we lost in 1999 when she crossed over to the Summerlands. Inside, you will find a portrait of Ms. Valiente on the wall. How could I not do a Halloween scene!? I made the Witches Crypt from "Annies Lobster Shack" using stone stencils, paper clay slate roof, paper clay flooring on the inside of the Crypt, and stucco on the walls. The foundation is made from carved foam, toilet paper, and glue, then painted, and covered in all kinds of ground cover. This is my little grave yard scen that will sit next to the Tennyson when she's done smile.gif I could not have a haunted house without a grave yard after all! Happy Hauntings! Monica

The Judges also picked an Honorable Mention:

Also, Teresa ( username Minimadwoman )

Decorated the Greenleaf Arbor Kit & Greenleaf Haunted House Kit

When I think of fall I think of decorating with pumpkins, scarecrows, corn stalks and hay bales . . . but what really comes to mind? Memories from childhood of Halloween and candy apples, popcorn balls and pillowcases full of candy! Title: Pippi Goes Halloweening! I used one of the Greenleaf Arbor kits . . . built it and painted it orange. I have it displayed in front of the Greenleaf Haunted House kit that I built a few years ago. I decorated the arbor and placed it to the side of the house and then decorated around everything! Pippi is visiting with Mrs. Claus who has a tray full of Halloween cookies and candy apples . . . I wonder what Pippi will pick? I?d go for the red candy apple myself! LOL!! Pippi is dressed as a pumpkin and has a candy corn treat bag on her arm.

You can see pictures of all the entries by clicking here:

2009 Fall contest Entrants

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MiniMadWoman said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I'm excited to have received an 'Honorable Mention' . . . I had so much fun putting my entry together so thanks for hosting the contest and giving us inspiration to create!


MinisOnTheEdge said...

There were some really cool entries and I enjoyed yours too! I LOVE Taffy Apples and your scene had one of my favorite treats!!