Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dollhouse Miniature Shadowbox Scene

I had fun about a month ago creating a new shadow box scene that I have finally posted for sell in my CDHM Store . You can see more shots of it by clicking here: .

It's so funny to me how I'll have a shadowbox scene up for sell in my CDHM store for months and as soon as it sells, I get multiple emails from different people asking me if I have any more available LOL . I make the Shadow boxes maybe 3 times a year but next year I am planning to do a class using the Shadow boxes.

I am also working on some gifts for some of my friends. I have 7 of them that I made and each one is different. I made extras last month and will be listing some of them for sell in my CDHM store this weekend. I call them "Hang Ups" Here is a Picture of one of them:

Also, this morning while viewing some posts on one of the groups I belong to, I cam across a wonderful free PDF on how to create Miniature Sweaters. I wish I knew how to knit. Here is the Link I want to say Thank you to Tantie from for posting a different link that led me to that to share. I would also like to Thank Terri the owner of Miniature Collectors Club for having such a fun, wonderful and warm environment for all of us to hang out and talk Miniatures and dollhouses online. She is such a Fun and Fantastic person. I know sometimes it may seem that people don't appreciate all you do because a lot of it is "behind the scenes" work to keep things running smoothly. We may not express it verbally to you so today, I wanted to publicly let you know that You Are Very Much Appreciated by me Terri! Thanks for making that group feel like such a fun place to be.

So, what have you all working on? I hope you all have a Terrific Weekend!

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Chris V. said...

hey that came out very cool! Gee I want to make one too. ha! Are you gonna have the class, where?
(still a great idea to have classes, but where? still have my prototype too.)