Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yard Tutorial By Sarah Topps

My Seven year old Daughter, Sarah did a Wonderful Tutorial on the yard she & her big sister created for the Spring Fling Contest on the Greenleaf Dollhouse forum. Sarah did most of the work on the yard. To create your own wonderful yard scene click Here

You can see the tutorial below also:

 After that has been decided, cut the card board down to the size you  want and then trace the footprint of the house. Next, paint the entire  yard on the outside of the footprint (You would adhere the base after  it is all dry.

You would paint the entire base a light green (Sarah's paint is apple barrel "Leaf Green" Color). After that dries, you will pour a dime size amount of hunter green color paint. Dip your brush in it and then wipe off access paint till the brush is almost dry. Then you will pounce this (alternating in different directions so that there won't 
be a pattern)

 Next, take your brown paint and squeeze out a dime size amount. Dip your brush in it and then brush off access paint till the brush is 
almost dry. Then you will pounce this (alternating in different directions again so that there won't be a pattern). You may not wish to have much of the brown as you do the greens. 

 Next, Sarah decided she wanted a "stone" walkway. So she took out the  stone pattern stencil.  First, you have to paint the area Gray. After  it dries, then you lay the stencil on top. Then you would take your  dark brown paint and dry brush the outer edges of each stone and dab a  little in the middle. Then after that dries, you will take a lighter gray, and again, dry brush each stone. Sarah did this color only two times randomly in each stone. When that dries, then you can remove the stencil and viola, you have a walkway.

Next, with the help of big sister Rachel, make a straight glue line 
with hot glue and then add some green poly fiber on each side. When this dried, Rachel cut the loose fiber and then Sarah took the tacky glue and put a drop on top of the fiber. She then took Hot Pink colored foam and put that on the tacky glue and now the yard has flowers to help dress up the entry way.

Next, glue the house to the base and add the Green Poly Fiber around  the house. You can even add a fence to enclose the yard like Sarah did.

They had so much fun joining in the Spring Fling Contest fun This year!!

Thanks for reading my blog!
Tracy Topps


Sans said...

What a simple and effective way to make a yard! Thank you Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her excellent tutorial. She did a wonderful job and deserved to win the contest. (You taught her well, Mom)

debsminis said...

You've received an Award Tracy. Drop by my blog to pick it up.