Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Dollhouse Creation "The Chestnut"

Every year (sometimes more than once) I try to customize the Greenleaf kit called the Primrose. I always try and make it different from what is on the box and from what I have done in the past.

This is what my newest Primrose cottage looks like:

I call it "The Chestnut" and that is what the sign above the flower box says too. I did not add the upstairs attic room but just left this with one room to decorate with high ceilings.

I created 2 hand made floral items on this one. The first is a rose bush that has white & magenta roses blooming and the second is a cute vine with small blue flowers on it. There is even a butterfly stopping to smell those flowers on the vine. All Stones, Stucco, Bricks and shingles were each hand sculpted and hand painted several different paint "washes" to create a realistic look of real stones, shingles & bricks. I sculpted a "herringbone" brick pattern by the entry way which take much more time to do but it really give the outside some "extra" character. The Door (that opens and close) & the window, is an upgrade from what came with the original kit. The aged door knobs & door knocker, window box and outside coach light were hand painted to give a nice look of aged copper with a verdigris looking finish.

The insides are painted a soft gray (which has a blue look to it) and all wood is painted a nice warm dark chocolate color. The floor has the look of real stone. This creation has been electrified which means all lights (inside hanging light and outside coach light) light up and the two outlets really works too so you can add lamps as you decorate this room. You can have it as an office, shop or a small cottage.

This creation is 1" scale. The size of this creation is 16" H x 13 1/2" D x 13 1/2" W
This is a picture of what the basic kit looks like after it has been assembled:

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debsminis said...

Tracy, this is fabulous! You've taken the Primrose to a whole new level.