Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Love Your Art Blog Award! Thanks For The Award!!

Casey at & has presented me with the I Love Your Art Blog award. Thank you both so much for presenting me with the Award! I am a little slow posting this because this is the Week of the Chicago International Tom Bishop Show!

Now I have to list seven likes or loves (not including family and friends, cause they are Always #1):

1) Bible Reading
2)Alternative Rock Music
3) Reading Mysteries
4) Growing Herbs on my deck (Spring is here!!!)
5) Getting my hair washed by my Beautician Queen. It feels So Good!!
6) Reading Medical Books (Have always loved reading about the human body)
7) Working out and getting healthy!!! I have lost 13 pounds so far!!

There are so many wonderful Blogs out there but these are some of my favorite to read. I hope you all enjoy checking them out too. Now, the ones I pick to receive this Wonderful blog Award are as follows:

1. Deb of

2. Marsha of

3. Debbie of

4. Kathie of

5. San of

6. Chris of

7. Kimberly of


Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Thank you so much, Traci!! WHAH, I'd love to be at the Chicago Show this week!! NEXT YEAR I'm going!!!! Hugs, Marsha

P.S. Did you see my post about clothesline for rope?

KimberlyRies said...

Thanks for the award Tracy! I'll post about it on my blog in the next few days. Appreciate it!!

Chris V. said...

Hey thanks for the award. Good for you on the diet. I should be doing as well! ha!

Sans said...

Hey Tracy, share that tip abt weight loss too :D..make it a mini one if you can ..THANKS ! Most flattered and honoured !

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Glad to see and read your picks for the blog award too!!