Monday, April 13, 2009

Gayle Wonderful Miniature Dollhouse Dolls

I went to the Chicago International Tom Bishop show and had so much fun in my class. I'll post details about the class later in another post. I wanted to show you all some wonderful dolls by Artist Gayle Clausen of Her dolls are ALL handmade from polymer clay and are One Of A Kind (OOAK) which makes each one unique.

I met her last year at the show and this year she even had the cutest 1/4th scale (quarter scale dolls). They have so much detail even though they are tiny!! Her other dolls are full of character too. I wish I had taken a picture of her table at the show because she had so many delightful dolls that brings a smile to your face! Here dolls are not over priced based on the details that goes into each of her dolls. Here are pictures of the 3 quarter scale (1/4th scale) ones I purchased:

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