Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Working On a Brimbles Dollhouse Kit

I know, I have been quite here on my blog. It's because I have started back working on a fabulous house. I am doing the Brimbles Mercantile kit by Greenleaf Dollhouses for a customer of mine. It's not much to look at right now but, here are some shots so you all can see it. I love the wallpaper colors. I love just about every shade of blue!!! The shade in the wallpapers the customer gave me just looks wonderful.

I'll upload more shots later. These are down stairs shots:

This is the upstairs:

Putting the stairs together was a killer! My customer is happy so I am too. I hope to have this one completed by the first week of February.

This is what the plain kit looks like:
brimbles store

I will have stone on the outside of this one.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

It's coming together beautifully! Will be using paperclay for the exterior?

Living said...

Well, it looks like it'll be good!

CA Verstraete said...

oh very cool! Love the floor! Hey stop by my blog tomorrow Saturday for a blog award. Copy and put on your blog!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank you both for your Compliments!! Yes, I will use paper clay on the outsides of this one too. I am having a ball with it and think I may be finished with it the end of next week. :)

Uneekdolldesigns said...

What a beautiful job you are doing!So much fun to look at!