Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Than Just A Card . Miniatures!!!

Have you ever wanted to express your feelings to your friends or family with a card? Why not try doing a Vignette Card! An Online friend of mine gave me the idea to try this years ago when she made a card scene for a friend of hers. Over the years, I have done several card scenes for my friends and loved ones. In 2007, I had several friends who had baby showers around the same time. I shared my love of miniatures with them by creating "Card Scene" Vignettes. These are some of the ones I came up with and after seeing them, I hope you share pictures with us of what you come up with. Please post the link to pictures of yours in the comment section!!!


Daisy Carpi said...

A beautiful Card Scene!

Living said...

If you want, feel VERY free to submit these to my fluffybricks blog. Fantastic use of miniatures!