Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tom Bishop International Miniature Show, Part 2

My friend Deana, sent me pictures that she took at the Bishop show of some really cool Steampunk items she found and she said I could share them with you all. These items were created by Rainbow hand and Kathy.  These are some truly Wonderful items for those of us who love to look at Stempunkery. Check these out:

She also had the opportunity to go to the IMA show (I didn't get the chance to go) and she took pictures of a Fantastic Tree house. She said it was created by M.R. Daniels   Isn't it fabulous?

The only things I purchased this year at the show were flower kits from Pepperwood Miniatures  I bought some of her Morning Glories. I have a feeling I am going to want more of her flowers. I was looking for petunias but it seems that must be a hard one because I did not find those anywhere at the show. I also bought some supplies from Templewood Miniatures I took a class a few years ago with Katheryn and learned how to create several flowers using cold porcelain.

I also took pictures of the other houses Rik had for sale at the Bishop show

Rapunzel's Tower

 Smugglers Cottage

 Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor
(this is the next Project, I will work on)

Thank You again for stopping by to read my blog!! Wishing You a Fantastic Day doing Miniature!! I would like to give a Special Thank you to Deana for sharing her pictures with us all!!

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Natalie Wilson said...

Thanks so much for sharing your photos from the show, especially the houses by Rik pierce. They are really, his work is just superb.

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing the photo;s, i like the steampunk look. Thanks for the links too.

MinisOnTheEdge said...

I am so happy to share them with you all. I wish I took more pictures so I would have had more to share. Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment :0)

Deni said...

I adore these buildings I love the tudor and castle building!
You now have a village! something I would have loved to have!