Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chicago International Tom Bishop Show 2011 workshops

Last week, I was looking over the pictures of the workshops offered for the Tom Bishop Chicago show next year. As with every year, I always see several classes I'd love to take but am unsure which, if any I will take. I have been wanting an iPad for a couple of years and 2 of the classes I'd like to take cost more than an 64g iPad. Of course, this has never stopped me before.

If you haven't seen what they are offering, you can click here:

Tom Bishop Chicago 2012 Workshops

What are some of my favorites? Well of course, I LOVE Rik Pierce's Smuggler's cottage:

I'm Also in LOVE with Ron Hubble Jacobean Drawing Room:

One of my Favorite artists is Claude Monet and Karl Blindheim is offering a fantastic class titled Camille's Terrace:

Roz & Aidy Gilmore are teaching a sculpting class on how to sculpt and dress a doll:

Erik Goddard is offering a class that appeals to me too titled Rue De La Croix:

Charrita Teague is offering a class on creating  food such as Cheese, grapes, wine and much more for your dollhouse settings. It's being offered in 1" & 1/4th inch scales:

There are seventy (70) classes being offered and many that can catch the eye of any miniaturists. There are classes on making furniture, animals, smaller scales and Much much more. They also offer a fantastic show & sale during the weekend. If you have not been, this is a show you will want to save for and attend.  You can click here: for more information about the show in Chicago next year.

Hope you all have a Fantastic day!

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Cinderella Moments said...

I love the Tom Bishop stuff. The style is so cozy. I don't think you can go wrong with whatever class you pick. You'll have a great time.