Monday, October 25, 2010

New Half Scale Priscilla Dollhouse

I have been building several of the Greenleaf halfscaled (1/24th scale, G-Scale or 1/2" scale) dollhouses and have been having so much fun with them!! This is the latest one that I finished. We named it "The Priscilla". This house is an edited Buttercup Cottage. It has stucco & exposed brick. This is my first time doing brick work in this scale! It even has a "herringbone" brick pattern on the walkway. This house has 2 vines.  One has red flowers and the other has purplish blue flowers on it. There is moss and a stone chimney stack. The inside is wallpapered. The color scheme is Green, cream and pink.

I hope to take better pictures tomorrow outside. Thank you so much for stopping by to view my blog!

It will be for sale this week in my CDHM shop two days prior to the ebay auction. I will post here on my blog and on my Facebook page when it is available. There will be several new creations of mine for sell this week and next week so stay tuned!!

Tracy Topps


CLARA said...

Esta casita está preciosa. Muy bien trabajada y con mucho detalle.
Me encanta.
Besos Clara.

CLARA said...

Una casa preciosa. Has hecho un buen trabajo. Los muros con los ladrillos se ven muy bien.
Me encanta.
Besos Clara

Glamorous time traveler said...

I stumble across your site from time to time. I have forgotten how much I enjoy your work. This time I remembered to bookmark! Lol
I adore the rich colors in this piece. A fine work of art! Thanks for sharing.
erin ; D