Friday, January 22, 2010

Moonbeam Toyshop Dollhouse

It's always fun to bring a dollhouse project to life but, it is even more fun when a customer gives me the story behind the project that they have commissioned me to build. She told me about the type of toys that would be in this shop. She also mentioned that she wanted a wallpaper that had moon & stars in it. Because I have worked with her before, I knew she loved cats so my plan for this creation was set. I even made the door window that says "Moonbeam Cottage Toy Shop" .

A customer of mine asked me last year to build her a Cottage named after her Cat (Moonbeam). This cottage was to become a toyshop named after her "Honored Furbaby". She even sent me pictures of Moonbeam. She selected some Great wallpaper prints from Itsy Bitsy Mini  (They have Great wallpapers) and she let me know she wanted this house to be brighter and she wanted a fence in front. This is how this house evolved with Green grass and friendly cats waiting to greet any customers coming through.

She let me know right away that she was so pleased with the cottage! It's always so Great to know that a customer is pleased with the house.  She started adding things to this shop right away. Here are some shots of this house:

I use Creative paper clay for the grass. I just textured it and painted it various colors to get the effect I was looking for.


Sans said...

Another great piece of work! Good to see that you are creating again!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank You Sans!! It's fun to be back at it !! Thanks for stopping by!!

Lena said...

I´ve got an award for you to pic up in my blog!

Have a nice weekend!