Monday, March 2, 2009

Creativity Greenleaf Style Deb Roberts

Deb (of Deb's Minis ) has a Creative side that shows so much Style & Versatility. Her Fairy House, Samurai's House, Tea Shop, and many other creations will leaving your eyes aching for more because she has so much "eye candy"! She is such a wonderful artist and actually only started doing minis about 4 years ago. she has always loved crafts though. She has some amazing Textile Pieces as she has been a Textile Artist for years (See some of those here ) I was browsing through her many creations today and thought I should share some of the eye candy with you. Be sure to check out her website because she has so many gorgeous houses and dressed beds and other miniatures that I am sure you'll find something that will appeal to your tastes!

You can Purchase the unfinished Kits From to build your own creation. If You like one of these houses built for you as picture, Why not contact Deb through her website links above. These Creations are so beautiful and her eye for art, really does shine through!!

Magnolia Cottage Kit By Greenleaf Dollshouses

Greenleaf Dollhouses Coventry Cottage Kit

Greenleaf Dollhouses Storybook Cottage

Aster Cottage Kit By Greenleaf Dollhouses (Corona Concepts Line)

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Thats Pretty said...

Your houses are a delight to look at!