Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Painting The Brimbles Dollhouse Kit

I started Painting the Brimbles Mercantile kit by Greenleaf dollhouses last week. It's amazing how a little paint can make such a big difference in the overall appearance. In these pictures, I only have the 1st paint color which is basically the "dirty wash" all over the stones. I only have one color so far on the roof shingles too (Burnt Umber) There will be a total of about 4 different colors to achieve the final look of real stones and all but I am so happy that that part has started! To learn more about painting the stones, please click here for the recipe and colors I use

I'll have to touch up the trim and the porch roof parts and then add the trees and flowers and moss and a few animals of course.


I also checked all lights and outlets to be sure they are working and they are so I'm happy!! More pictures to follow shortly!!

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