Friday, February 11, 2011

My Theme Song This Week

For the past month, I have been chatting with many of my online friends. Some of them have been knowing me for 10 years or more and we know about a lot of the personal struggles and things that keep popping up in each others lives that would make some just give up. They have seen me struggle and succeed, and fall down and get back up. Likewise, I have seen them do the same.  A lot of them are the ones that encouraged me to get up and just do it. I cherish these friends.

Several of them have been going through some really trying times. Many know and hear me say all of the time things like I Play To win . I'm too stubborn to give up. sometimes, I don't feel that way, but I say it aloud because I know all things are possible if you choose and just decide to make the choice to change the way you view it. You either have to change whatever your "it" is completely or change how you view the "it's" in your life that you can not change. For example my Graves disease is something I can not change but, I have changed the way I view it. So it does not affect me in a negative way (most days) LOL. 

I want you to get out your pen and paper, see what it is you want to change this year. Write down Two big changes you want to make. Then write down seven smaller things you'd have to do to help get you get to your end goal.
I have friends right now struggling with weight loss, health issues, issues with their marriages, work, financial issues, you name it, we all are struggling with some of it. About 6 years ago, I started writing goals for myself every year. 2 huge things I want to achieve by the years end or change about myself to improve myself, my life and the life of those around me. Some people have told me they think I am a "Strong Woman" or that I am "Strange" or "Weird".  I must confess, I am at times LOL. But I am only human. I don't see myself as strong but I do think I am strange at times. I see things differently from most people I am around. I don't see "dead ends" on the road. I see something blocking what I want and then the problem to solve is how to get through and have a break through to get what I want.

I get my strength from my beliefs in my God & my family and friends. Also by always trying to do something to improve myself. When I reap small successes, I feel confident to do more.  I sometimes put myself in situations that are uncomfortable for me because it helps widen my comfort zone. I also don't over do it. If I am working on one big thing, I am not going to add several other things because that will equal failure to me.  There is a saying "If you chase two rabbits, you won't catch one". So basically, Stay Focused and achieve one goal and then go after the other!!

There is a saying, "Become the person you'd like to attract". If you find yourself attracting a lot of negatives in your life. It is time for Change!!! Stop hanging around  those ones telling you what you can not do or can not achieve. C'mon, those of you working out for health with me, DON'T Give up now!! You can do this! We CAN do this!! Those of you going through other things in life, DON'T Give up!!! We can really do this!!

I've gotta do my workout today. I'm moving slow but today my work out is Legs & Back and Ab ripperX.  I would like to challenge YOU to do something. Do just One good thing for your health today. If going shopping, park your car far away from the door so you'll do more walking, if you would like to stop smoking and you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, why not smoke 9 today? Small steps and changes equal HUGE results in the long run.

I Love the band MUSE. After getting an email from 3 of my friends last night who have been going through some really tough challenges, I thought I would share this song with them. I was going to just send it to them and thought, why not share it on my blog because it may help someone else. If you don't want to hear the music turn off your volume and  READ the words! If you do turn down the volume, know there with be a long pause because this is the longer version of the song with the instrumentals in it. Wait and read it!

This one is for YOU! You know who you are. Love You and remember, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Live Life With Passion & Love! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog today!

♥☆♥ Tracy ♥☆♥


Deb Roberts said...

Ms. Topps, you are a wise and wonderful woman.

MinisOnTheEdge said...

LOL, That's because I hang out with some wise & wonderful women... Hint Hint LOL