Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim Suit Days are approaching!

Thank Goodness that someone invented clothes!! Picture how scary the world would look if we were all naked and overweight! I bet we'd all be skinny huh LOL.... (I say this as I look at my new catalogs showing people modeling swimwear).
So many people are overweight (including me) . It makes me wonder why most catalogs don't show REAL people in modeling the clothes. I bet it would make more of us become more active cause we'd see the model and think... "Is THAT what I'd look like in that outfit?" A "model" is what I thought was a duplicate of a person or thing used as an example to follow or as imitation. Shouldn't the catalogs find models to look like the average person? Or are they saying the average person needs to "Model" after the Model they've chosen (have I confused you yet LOL).

I guess what I am saying is, swimsuit season is coming. I started wondering "what bathing suit will flatter the way I look" and I don't see anyone that looks like me. I've lost weight (though I have more to go) but dang it, I wanna see more real people. I think that would wake us all up if we could see a "model" of what we looked like to other people in some of these clothes they sell in the catalogs. I guess instead, I should look at these catalogs and use it as a means to keep me focused on ME & my weight loss goals.

I did my KenpoX workout today but wanna do a little bit of walking and I like to look at catalogs while I walk and listen to my iPod. I personally needed a bit of Motivation. One place I hang out has helped me a lot during the past year.

You can sign up for a free membership and get the motivation you may need to help keep you focused on your fitness goals. You can track your progress and schedule your workouts here too: Free Membership

This is what helped me a year ago when I decided to get fit. Thought I would pass it along to you all here. Hope I can help you too!

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