Friday, February 12, 2010

Arts & Crafts with Friends & Boom Shaka

January 30th we were invited by some of our friends in Illinois to come down and hang out with them. We used to live in Skokie, Illinois and in the past 5 Months we have found ourselves visiting some of them at least once a month. We went to see Boom Shaka perform at the Morton Grove Library. They put on such a Wonderful performance!

I had not seen one of their performances since my best friend at the time used to go to North Western College . At that time we were young and I was newly Married. We lived in Evanston and always found ourselves Downtown Evanston and somehow, we find out about Boom Shaka performing and would go to it.

They still put on a GREAT show! Who would have thought beating on Garbage cans and stomping could sound so good LOL! After the show was over we met up with some of our friends in the hallway there at the library and then all headed to our friend Gigi's house. She has three daughters one is my son's David age, One my daughter Rachel age and then they have a 2 year old.

She had her kitchen and sun room set up for arts n crafts. The girls made key chains, bracelets and bookmarks. Chris and I was told to scram but we had not been with them in a while so even though Gigi's Husband Frank was not home, Chris & I stayed and hung around too. I even made a couple of key chains myself.

You might wanna check out   Website because if you are in the area and they have a performance, it is fun and entertaining.

This weekend, we have been invited out again to shoot some pool and hang out with some of our friends, but closer to home. I'm not sure if we are gonna do anything this weekend though. We have been busy every weekend for the past 4 weeks and the girls said they wanted to hang out at home so it looks like that is what we'll end up doing cause Chris is a bit tiered too. I have been sore since starting P90X again (It hurts when I blink even LOL) but I am not as soft as I was a week ago and every week I see a bit of improvement.

I'll post a special promotion later on here on the Blog because My Girls Did something Super Fantastic. Gotta go do the Lunch thing. Sarah stayed home today cause she has a sinus headache.
Hope you all are having a Super Fantastic Day!!

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