Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hanging Out With Our Buddies

Wish I had my Camera with me this past Wednesday (11/25) We have some friends Shannon & Christy Delacy, that were some of the first people to befriend us when we first moved to the Kenosha Area. We had been "hearing" for years that Shannon was an "entertainer". We heard he could put on a great show. We had heard that he could play the Piano, Trumpet and just about any instrument you could name. The funny thing was that my husband and I had NEVER heard him play. We had saw him once sing (Karaoke Style) at a friends graduation party years ago but still, no music.

Finally, this year I mentioned to his wife that we had never heard him play. Well, last month we finally heard and saw him perform. He text messaged all of his friends telling us the time and place that he was gonna be performing and he really blew our socks off.

We ate, we drank, some even got up and danced and we had a Great time. This time, it was a smaller group of us but it was still so great to be around friends and to listen to Shannon play as all of us sat around talking (okay and singing BADLY).

I hope you all had a fun Week with your family and friends!

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