Saturday, November 28, 2009

Workout Goals for 2010

Last Week, my husband decided it was time to get back into shape (I guess I am rubbing off on him now LOL). So we went to the track to walk and we saw our friend Kim who was our workout instructor (Here & Body Pump, Body Step & Body Combat). She had not seen me in her class regularly for 3 years. I stopped by her class this past Spring in March (Right before I started doing P90x & Turbo Jam) and I felt Great but it was a total struggle for me especially since had not been in her class for so long.

Well, she saw me and could not believe what she was looking at. Me, 40 pounds lighter and in shape with biceps and triceps and she and another girl we worked out with (Nikki) and they both were floored!!

Nikki did not recognize me at first and so I was kinda pleased at the response. I told them that one of my goals next year is that I wanted to be a Workout instructor by next fall and they both excitedly promised to take me under their wings and train me!! Nikki is now an instructor herself and I remember when she first started body pump. She thought Chris & I were crazy cause we would do Body pump & then Body Step (or Body Combat) right after the Body Pump class. They are intense classes but the music and Kim our instructor made it so much fun!!

Anyway, I am gonna take them up on their offer! My husband said he'd take my class too and said that I inspired him to get back with it. Well, he is the reason why I got back to working out because he encouraged me by taking the DVDs out for me every morning and calling me to see if I had done it yet.

How many of you have as a new goal next year to lose weight? Wanna be online workout buddies to encourage each other? Remember, I started out by only walking (and not very far and totally not fast) in January 2009. I did it for health and quality of life reasons. I have to keep it off and lose some more still (because now I am still considered overweight for my height).

Think about right now!! Why you ARE going to totally fulfill this goal next year? Why do you need to? Then C'mon & write it down! Get a workout journal!! Everyday write down your reason why and then in January State why you MUST get it done everyday. I read what I wrote down last December and I can not believe I feel the way I do now. One of the best things I learned was that I should always be able to carry on a conversation when I work out. If you can not talk while you workout then you are working out too hard. Before, I would be totally out of breath and I would NOT lose weight. I would be tiered and fatigued and I HATED working out. When it finally clicked that "yeah, I should sweat but I should also be able to converse and enjoy my workout" that is when I started to lose weight & enjoy my workouts.

So, how many of you are with me for next year's health goal??


Dlsarmywife said...

What a fantastic goal! And honestly what a great compliment to not be recognized!!! I think I would like to take you up on your 'challenge' I need to lose some weight as well, and was working out regularly for several months, then due to...well life I stopped. Life is still too busy right now, but come January I want to get back into working out! I'd be happy to send you my personal email address if you'd like to correspond that way as well! =D

MinisOnTheEdge said...

This sounds Perfect!! Send me your email via Greenleaf PM system so that we can keep it private. I am totally excited about this. This January, I will post my before & after shots here on my blog.

MiniMadWoman said...

Tracy, you've inspired me! You are looking so totally awesome and the fact that you're feeling it is the best reason of all!

Count me in!!

Love and hugs,

Pamela said...

Okay this sounds like a good idea....accountability is always a good thing....hmmmm, need to think about it some more. I'm not overweight but, I am definitely out of shape. And it gets a lot harder as you get older.....still thinking thinking.... Okay I'm in.
I'm Pcakes on greenleaf if anyone wants to write privately. Thanks for the invite Tracy!