Friday, June 5, 2009

Why have I been so quiet?!!!

Well, I know a lot of you noticed that in the Month of May, I got really, really quiet. I did not stop doing minis, I was not hiding in a cave, I did not go on vacation (I wish) I have just been very busy with Real life stuff .

The month started out pretty good with my mother in law came up for a visit and we had such a GREAT time with her! My girls miss her so much because she lives in Florida so they don't get to see her much. My husband misses her too and I do wish she lived closer because I really do believe she and I would be really good friends. She is so quiet & calm. My husband is like that which is why I have always been so drawn to him. Anyway, she is a real joy to be with. My son who is now 20 years old came up the day before my Mother in law left to tell us he was about to propose to his Girlfriend.

They had been seeing each other for about a year so it was expected. Then the following week, we found out they were getting married in a week
They did get Married May 15th and I am now a Mother In Law. My girls are so happy too cause the Love Shelby too (she used to baby sit them sometimes).

My new daughter in law is sweet and pretty and the person my son loves so of course we all love her too. We have been knowing her and her Mom for about 5 years. My son moved back to Wisconsin after he had been living in Chicago with my parents for the past 2 years. I missed him so much and I am happy to have him closer to us now.

During all of this, my girls and husband has been sick with some virus and I was only sick for a day with it. My oldest daughter has been being bullied by a group of 5 girls in school and I have been back and forth at school dealing with that too. I missed 16 days of my P90X workout during this period of time and was frustrated because I had just started Phase 3 of it (the final phase) and I was so close to my big reveal day. (Did I mention my TV decided to break the week my son got married which started my work out delinquency)?

I was disappointed but snapped out of it quickly because I know in order for me to get what I wanna get, I gotta do what I gotta do to get it so, Monday I started Phase 1 of P90X Classic. Before then, I was doing P90X Lean version. I have lost a total of 31 pounds since January 23rd, which is when I started walking 5 days a week. I started P90X Lean March 30th and before then, I was just walking at least 5 days a week and sometimes every day.

This week I am so sore (All over again) but I am determined to be healthy again. I can not believe I let myself get so out of shape ( 3 years ago my husband & I worked out at a local gym at least 3 times a week sometimes more) but instead of thinking of where I was, I stay focused on where I wanna be. This has been a very difficult year for my family and myself. My Husbands Uncle died of Pancreatic Cancer in November, my father was diagnosed with Cancer last fall and had surgery in January which was successful, I am so Thankful to say! Then my mother started getting ill and I was in Chicago with her too. Then my son got sick. I live about 1.5 hours away from my parents & brothers so I have been doing a lot of driving back and forth.

All of this has been going on just when I decided in December 2008 that 2009 was gonna be my year to find the real me again. Do the things I love to do, learn to have more fun and enjoy my family & friends because time is precious & not promised to no one.

I have been quiet about the weight loss because, when I look in the mirror, I can not see the change, and I was afraid of failure. I can see it in my clothes (they are falling off and too loose without a belt). Who can afford a new wardrobe now-a-days, LOL? Not me :P

In May, I went to the Doctor for my physical and I told my Doctor that I had lost 21 pounds (at that time) since January. He looked at my chart and said, "Don't sell yourself short, since I saw you in October, you have lost 27 ponds". I was just floored and that is when I started noticing more that, I guess I am looking like a different Tracy when I look in the Mirror. My friends have also been noticing the weight loss and have been commenting about it because I did not tell anyone I was doing anything (afraid of failure and also just shy about talking about myself).

But alas, I am short (5'3") and I would like to get down to at least 135 pounds (so I won't be considered obease) and I still have a ways to go to get there so I am hoping that by August, I'll be there. Meanwhile, I have been working on a Beacon Hill for Roberta who now has about 13 of my houses. She has been such a friend to me in the past years since we first met. I am hoping to be finished with her house THIS month LOL.

I'll get those pictures posted soon and maybe (If I'll stop being shy), I'll post new recent pictures of myself..... I don't know. I am kinda shy but we'll see.

I hope you all are doing well and Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and Thank you to all of my Miniature Friends who always encourage me, inspire me and comfort me and let me know when I have been missed! It really means a lot to me.
~ Tracy Topps


Sans said...

Very sorry to hear the "not so great news" about the family, especially the fact that you girl has been bullied. But I am real happy that you share the story of your weight loss, Tracy. It is very inspiring and heartfelt and I am real happy for you. May I know the distance you walk ? How about diet? Thanks!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

What a year tracy! Congrats to your son and his beautiful wife no their wedding, lovely to have good news like that when your having a rotten year.
Your poor daughter, big hugs to her, have been there with my eldest daughter, she suffered terribly so i know how you feel. You take care of yourself, your weight loss sounds amazing, well done you!
Look forward to seeing the Beacon Hill, we ardore ours, how can you ever part with your wonderful houses! Does your friend have a blog to show off your house collection she has?
Kate xx

Karin F. said...

Tracy....absolutely fabulous news about your weight loss! Keep it up!

Anna said...

You have certainly been going through alot and still kept focusing on your way to a healthier you, I am sooo proud of you!!!!
HUGS and congratulations!

MinisOnTheEdge said...

Thank you Sans, Karin & Anna for your comments!! They really mean a lot to me! Rachel has been having a Great 2 weeks of school because I picked her up from school one day and saw one the bullies with her Mom at the school when I went to pick up Rachel. After talking to the Mom, now that girl is not longer picking with Rachel. We are hoping that now, since 3 out of 5 of the girls are now leaving Rachel alone, that maybe, next year will be a better year. As for the weight loss. I can't believe it sometimes myself when I step on the scale! It's really encouraging me to continue on since I see a change every other week! Well, I better get back to finishing some things around here! Thanks for your replies!~ Tracy Topps

MiniMadWoman said...

Tracy, wow, you've been going through so much, but I'm proud of you for sticking to your goals!

I miss you girlfriend!

Take care,